Kindred Spirits

I finally got round to cleaning out the feathers in the green room, but not before doing one last ballet photoshoot. This time I was joined by Kale Lazarick and Lucile Boulay, two incredibly talented dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet School. Looking back at the different feather photoshoots it is fun to see how it has evolved and how each dancer brings their own personality to the photos.

Lucile Boulay from France.
Lucile Boulay
Lucile Boulay. A reflector is great both for adding light, and for making feathers fly.
Kale Lazarick from Canada. Recreating the Chinook winds in my apartment.
Kale Lazarick. We opened the window to clear the air a bit, and Kale liked the square of reflected light so we did a few photos in the corner.
Kale Lazarick. Fun with shadows.
Kale Lazarick. The three layers of plastic is back over the window again. Compare this photo with the previous one and you can see how soft the shadows get.
Lucile Boulay and Kale Lazarick
Kale Lazarick and Lucile Boulay. A bit of drama.
Lucile Boulay and Kale Lazarick. It was so much fun to see how they transformed the mood of the photos with different poses.
Kale Lazarick
Kale Lazarick and Lucile Boulay

As the sun set it got progressively darker, so we decided to experiment with some long exposure photos. Here the dancers would alternate between standing still and moving for 2-4 seconds.

Kale Lazarick
Lucile Boulay
Kale Lazarick and Lucile Boulay. I could not resist adding a texture, it hides the movement a bit, but it makes it look like a painting. Kale appears both on the left and right side of Lucile.
Lucile Boulay and Kale Lazarick

Many thanks to Kale and Lucile for a fun evening photoshoot!

Instagram: Kale, Lucile, Johannes

— Johannes

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