Open-air cellar

Wilma Ring is moving to Morocco to work there for half a year. Before she left we met up for a photoshoot in the Haga park together with Emma Kihlander. There is an old ruin hidden away in the park. A king started building a palace, but when he died the building stopped, so only the cellar can be found. It is a pretty fun location for a photo shoot.

Emma Kihlander climbing trees in high heels.
Emma Kihlander. She really liked this big stick, even carried it down to the palace ruins.
Emma Kihlander and the last rays of the setting sun
Wilma Ring was working late, so she arrived directly from work.
Emma Kihlander and Wilma Ring
Wilma Ring
Emma Kihlander and Wilma Ring making shapes
Wilma and Emma

Many thanks to Emma and Wilma for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Emma, Wilma, Johannes

— Johannes

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