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After the IBAGS conference in Biarritz our flights were routed through Paris, which as you might have guessed meant I also spent a weekend in Paris. When I visit such a beautiful city I just want to capture it, so I dropped of my bags at the AirBnB and headed straight out to meet up with french ballerina Anna Guillermin for a photoshoot in the heart of Paris.

Anna Guillermin outside the Louvre. It was such a crowded day, but we managed to find a way spot to photograph.
Anna Guillermin with the iconic pyramid in the background.
Anna Guillermin

After photographing at the Louvre we headed down to the river. There are some nice bridges that can be used for framing, and you can also see some iconic buildings from the river banks, plus it is not as crowded as some other spots.

Anna Guillermin by the river Seine.
Anna Guillermin
Anna Guillermin. We stopped for a couple of minutes to take this photo before moving on to get closer to the Eiffel tower.
Anna Guillermin. Perhaps my favourite photo from our shoot, we also managed to get the Eiffel tower into the picture.
Anna Guillermin on Pont Alexandre III.

It was really fun to photograph with Anna in Paris. Many thanks for a great photoshoot!

Instagram: Anna, Johannes

— Johannes

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