A Paris Sojourn

The IBAGS conference in Biarritz had finished on the Thursday, and on the Friday morning my colleague Ilaria Carannante and I travelled to Paris, where we were joined by Frederico Izzo and Hannah Taylor.

We had bought timed entry tickets to Versailles, which turned out to be a really great decision as we could walk past the long rain drenched queue, Hannah being used to the English weather had brought and umbrella.
Neither Ilaria, Frederico nor I had brought umbrellas.
The palace was really awe inspiring.
Hannah at Le Grand Trianon, shortly before the thunderstorm.
Hannah, Johannes, Ilaria and Frederico.

On Sunday Hannah and I went out for a photo walk in Montmartre

Hannah Taylor

After Hannah left for the Eurostar I wandered down to have a look at Notre Dame. The weather was really temperamental this weekend, and I had to seek refuge under a nearby bridge.

Notre Dame

Many thanks to Hannah, Ilaria and Frederico for a great weekend!

— Johannes

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