Light Pole Play

This past Saturday I am Pole launched their first store at the Vida Pole studio and they had a release party there. I was there and photographed a bit during the free pole play which was taking place at the same time. When shooting in a full studio you can either try and find the cleanest background, or embrace the fact that there will be lots of people in the background. This time we did our best to try to get as clean backgrounds as possible, and with a little bit of Photoshop help I think we managed pretty well.

Oliver, Dennis Åkerstorp and Helle Carlstedt
Oliver and Helle
Therese Larsson
Helle Carlstedt
Helle Carlstedt and Therese Larsson
Andrea Westman and Angnes Reiman
Andrea Westman
Sabina Friberg and Sofia Källbom
Sandra Omidvar
Sandra Omidvar and Andrea Westman

In the studio vida pole has a set of LED lamps around the walls, some of them show a static colour, while two of them cycle through different colours. This meant that taking the same photo a few seconds apart made them look very different. After the release party ended we turned down the lights in the studio, and began experimenting a bit more with the LEDs.

Andrea Westman
Andrea Westman
Andrea Westman
Andrea Westman
Glara Reza
Glara Reza
Agnes Reiman
Andrea Westman

Many thanks to Vida Pole and the pole crew!

— Johannes

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