Sun and Stripes

I have over the past month been emptying my apartment in anticipation of the move to my new place. No furniture, big windows and light walls meant my old living room was suddenly a prime dance studio. This past Sunday Tilda Kristiansson and I did a photoshoot there.

It is fun to start from some pose you saw on Instagram, and then develop it to see where you end up.
The sun was coming into the apartment from the side, casting a triangular shape. Here we tried to mimic the shape with Tilda’s pose.
One more photo of Tilda in the window light.
I still had the old ladder in the apartment, which turned into a prop for the photoshoot.
Time goes really quickly, here we did one last photo.

In all these photos I have used a bit of Photoshop to clear up the background. Another trick I used was to place a flash behind Tilda to overexpose the background a bit, and create a subtle halo of light around her.

Many thanks to Tilda for a fun Sunday photoshoot!

— Johannes

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