Love Love Love

The ADC late show Lent week 1 is Love Love Love by Mike Bartlett. The play is directed by Katurah Morrish and I met up with her and Eleanor Mack to do a photoshoot for the play. The cloudy sky meant we got very beautiful and soft light for our photos.

We scouted the house quickly and found a few good spots. We decided to start from the top and work our way down. The bathroom window provided nice light and beautiful tiled roofs in the background.
I have started paying more and more attention to the shadows in the face during my photo shoots, as they help bring out the shape of the face. Here the whisks of smoke from her cigarette adds a bit more interest to the photo.
The railing caught my eye, so we did a few shots from a higher angle. Here I have selectively darkened Eleanor to make her stand out a bit more. The colours were a bit distracting so made the photo black and white.
Same window as above, but shot from a different angle.
Smoking in the window. This photo has a lighter less contrasty edit in colour. Katurah was giving Eleanor acting directions to place her in different parts of the play.
Front door, here I asked Eleanor to take a step back so her head would be in the light. She is dressed in high boots and short skirt.
One of Eleanor’s housemates was passing by and became part of the shoot. I like that you can only see him as a silhouette in the doorway while Eleanor is the focus of the photo, sitting on the front steps smoking.
As the sun was setting we moved into the backyard and did a few last photos against the brick wall.
Wine and cigarettes. Here we left quite a bit of blank space so the photo could be used for a poster if Katurah wanted to.
Last photo. Gorgeous eyes.

Many thanks to Eleanor and Katurah for a fun photoshoot. You can see the play 20-24th January 2016.

— Johannes


Sandra – Eleanor Mack
Kenneth – Ben Walsh
Rose – Amy Malone
Jamie – Joe Pieri
Henry – Ben Martineau

Production Team
Director – Katurah Morrish
Producer – Joe Spence
Designer / Dresser – Alice Brightman, Sigi Koerner, Eulilee Brown, Becky Guthrie, Zoe Barnes
Assistant Stage Manager – Edith Franklin, Susannah Williams
Lighting Designer – Johnny King
Projection Designer – Sam Mie
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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