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We managed to squeeze in one last photoshoot on Monday morning in my brother’s old flat, and in the afternoon I handed back the keys so the cleaners for the move could get in the day after. Tilda Kristiansson only had a few hours before she needed to head out for work, so we got started right away. You can make great moody photos with a projector in a dark room, but since the sun was up and shining through the windows, even through the blinds, we decided to go for a brighter look. We placed a flash behind Tilda to eliminate the background projection behind her.

Tilda Kristiansson already did this pose in the Petricore Movement photoshoot, but wanted to do it again.
Tilda Kristiansson. Another version of the standing knot, where we added a bit of motion by having Tilda twist her body just before the shot.
Tilda Kristiansson. A darker edit, to bring out the silhouette.
Tilda Kristiansson
Tilda Kristiansson. Adding a hair flick to this pose adds a bit of extra motion.
Since it was so bright in the living room, we tried an adjacent smaller room where we could shield off the light better. Since it was a smaller room, it meant I had to shoot from a closer angle, so we played around with some more compact poses.
Tilda Kristiansson doing a head stand.
Tilda Kristiansson. Human Zebra.
Tilda Kristiansson. The Human Knot, with patterns.
Tilda Kristiansson. One last photo before we needed to pack up and head out. Here I turned the photo sideways so that the reflection would complete the figure of a heart.

A big thank you to Tilda for another fun photoshoot! Also, a big thank you to Josef for letting us use the apartment and projector.

To see more dance photos with Tilda Kristiansson, click her name.

— Johannes

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