Mercury Sunrise

This morning Holly Musgrave and I did a photoshoot for the release of her music album Mercury Sunrise. We met up at Peterhouse and were joined by two of her friends: Claudia Grinnel and Imani McEwen. We started the photoshoot in the College Chapel, and then continued out to the Deer Park on the college grounds.

Holly Musgrave in the Peterhouse Chapel.
It was a bit dark in the chapel, so to get more light we opened the chapel door.
I liked the pattern on the floor, so chose to include it in the photo of Holly.
By stepping slightly to the side I avoided having the strong sunlight directly in view, making Holly the brightest part of the photo (but for the book).
We were going for quite moody photos to match Holly’s music, so here we are playing with strong shadows.
The altar in the chapel made for a beautiful backdrop.
Moving on to the great hall. This beautiful stained glass window is at the head of the high table.
Same location, but a slight variation. Also I have photoshopped out the window to the right.
In to Peterhouse’s deer garden. Here we stopped for a moment to listen to the birds singing.
We were searching for places where we could have a patch of sunlight on Holly, and then surround her by shadows. In this case, a set of branches just in front of the camera provides the shadows.
Imani McEwen, Holly and Claudia sharing a bench.
Photographing from within a tree, can give beautifully backlit leaves. This photo has similarities with photos I took last year at Emmanuel College (blog post).
A completely different angle, laying on the ground. This was actually one of the outtakes.
Here I chose to desaturate the photo and add a texture to the photo.
Again, we were looking for places where Holly would be in light but surrounded by shadows.
Another spontaneous group shot as we were preparing for the next photo.
Why not create a frame using hands?
A touch of colour in the other very dark and green photos.
Last shot of the day in the greenhouse. Holly walking along the lines of plants, with her hand brushing the leaves.

It is always fun to have a theme with the photoshoot. Here we were trying to create somewhat moody images. Many thanks to Holly, Claudia, Imani McEwen and Peterhouse.

Holly’s album “Mercury Sunrise” is released on May 23. I will post links to it here when it becomes available.
Update: You can buy her album on Bandcamp.


– Johannes

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