Playing Grown Up

Students pretending to be grown-ups, playing children who think they’re all grown up. Pure ageception! I went to see this week’s ADC late show last night: The Turn of the Screw. Originally the plan had been to take some photos of their rehearsal after BARE had left the stage, but there was not enough time for that. Instead I did some random behind-the-scenes photos with the cast, as they were reading lines and rehearsing while getting everything ready on stage.

Isobel Laidler rehearsing one of her scenes with Helena Blair.
Rose Reade taking Greg Forrest for a spin.
This blue device is how they extinguish the candle from a distance in the play. If you ever try to do it yourself, the trick is supposedly to aim at the base of the candle.
Helena never knew what hit her!
Isobel and Helena during an intense staring contest – while rehearsing lines.
Reunited at last!
Helena Blair, Isobel Laidler, Rose Reade and Mrs Skull.
The lighting in this photo looks like something out of an old movie.
Trying to get a normal photo with these ladies is like trying to herd cats.
Safety first!
Shock and horror!
Natalie Reeve, Helena Blair, Seth, Rose Reade and Isobel Laidler.
Rose, Helena and Isobel
Margot Speed, Jennifer Green, Natalie Reeve, Seth, Francis O’Sullivan, Alice Mottram, then Greg Forrest, Rose Reade, Helena Blair, Isobel Laidler and Jocelyn Major


I really enjoyed seeing the play in its entirety. During the rehearsal the day before we were going from cue to cue for a lot of the time, so I was happy to get a chance to see it. Many thanks to the cast and crew for a fun evening!

For more photos of the cast, have a look at the blog post about the poster photo shoot, and the tech/dress rehearsal.

– Johannes

Governess – Helena Blair
Miles – Isobel Laidler
Flora – Rose Reade
Mrs Grose – Natalie Reeve
Uncle – Seth

Production Team
Writer/Director – Jocelyn Major, Greg Forrest
Producer – Freya Sanders, Adam Rushton
Deputy Stage Manager – Jennifer Green
Costume Designer – Christina Maurice
Production Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Stage Manager – Margot Speed
Deputy Stage Manager – Frances O’Sullivan
Publicist – Hannah Taylor
Assistant Director – Gaia Fay Lambert

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