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This evening Megan Dalton and I did a photo shoot inspired by a photo competition themed “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. We decided to try and capture depression in our photos. Beforehand we had brainstormed and come up with a few ideas.

Our first idea was to use a side light to create a strong shadow of Megan’s silhouette. We added a blue-green tone to the shadows in post processing.
The second idea we had was to use mirrors to show the dichotomy between the inner self and outward perceived facade. This picture is a composite of two photos.
The same idea as the shadow photo above, but with a slightly different expression. Here the hair is obscuring the profile.
This photo deviates a bit from the theme. We are playing with the mirrors to see what we could create.
This is a behind-the-scenes photo. We were using a snoot with a honeycomb pattern on the flash to restrict the light. Megan is here making sure that it is perfectly centred on her right eye.
One more of the mirror photos. We took a lot of photos, and it was difficult to choose.
Mirrors can be really weird. Another photo with us just playing around with them.
Back to the theme again. This is a composite photo where we used two flashes, one with the honeycomb pattern (Amazon link) on the sitting Megan and then a second flash to light up the standing Megan. The second flash was turned off when we shot her sitting down.
This photo was part of a two-step photo that we originally wanted to use a projector for. Unfortunately I had to hand it back this morning. Instead we tried to do it using a composite, but it did not turn out that great so we binned the idea, but kept this photo.

It was a really fun and creative evening. I liked that we had a theme that we were working around, it gave the photos a purpose. I bought the snoot for the flash after reading the Strobist’s blog and it makes a big difference for the mood when you can stop the light from going everywhere. There will be more flash photo sessions in the future. In the meantime, have a look at Megan’s blog This Space.

– Johannes

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