The Many Faces of Chris Born

I wrote this blog post a while back, but forgot to share it. In between the Postdoc Photo Workshop and the Neon Moon show I met up with Chris Born and did some portraits outside the University Sports Centre. We did a set of normal head shots, and then a few crazy ones.



Ok, enough of the normal ones. Here are a few of the more crazy ones. My original plan had been to do a composite shot with half the face normal and half the face crazy, but when I blended them together it did not look any more crazy than it had before, so I kept the original photos.

hjorthmedh-chris-born-3 hjorthmedh-chris-born-4 hjorthmedh-chris-born-5

I looked through the photos again and found a couple that could work as a composite.


You can see more of Chris in the blog post from Awkward Conversations and All My Sons.

– Johannes


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