Moving with the Wind

This morning I met up with Vanessa Lindblom for an early dance photoshoot at Kråkudden. We had the entire place to ourselves, as most sensible people were probably still asleep. To be honest, we probably should have been there even earlier, but sunrise was at 3:30 which was a bit early even for us. We photographed by the water and among the reeds, and for part of the photoshoot we had a nice breeze blowing moving the reeds and water.

Vanessa Lindblom. This spot is along my standard walk by the water, and I have been meaning to take some photos here for quite some time.
Vanessa Lindblom improvising among the reeds.
Vanessa Lindblom
Vanessa Lindblom
Vanessa Lindblom. We also did a few shots in the water. I like this spot because with the water you get quite a clean look to the photos.
Vanessa Lindblom
Vanessa Lindblom

Many thanks to Vanessa for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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