Mud and Reflections

Yesterday I met up with Therese Larsson, Viktoria Larsson, Tilda Kristiansson och Johanna Råberg at Näsby Slott in Näsbypark north of Stockholm. I had walked past there a week before and noticed that there was this beautiful alley of trees with a great big puddle of water sitting right in the middle of it. So I snapped a few photos and sent one of them to Therese and asked if she would be up for a photo shoot there, and if any of her friends might want to join us.

Viktoria Larsson was first out. We were working with low poses that would give symmetries with the reflection. The water level was a bit lower when I was there last time, so we had to do a bit of mud landscaping to clear the pool.
Tilda Kristiansson photographed in the same spot.
This pose was inspired by one we saw on Instagram. I have increased the contrast on the reflection to make it a bit clearer.
Johanna Råberg creating a perfect square.
Tilda and Therese. Here I have experimented with increasing the contrast and making it black and white.
Therese aligning her leg with the stripes on the big door.
So we found this four person configuration on Instagram, and thought we could do it. Turns out it was a bit tricky to get it right, but we had fun trying.
Viktoria Larsson doing a bit of back lit pole dancing.
In the middle of the park behind the castle was an old fountain that was no longer in operation, so we put it to good use. I had originally planned to bring a reflector, but forgot. Luckily I had two flashes with me that could help light the model. Tilda was a natural at posing.
While Johanna was getting ready Therese and I ran down to a patch of sunlight to take a few frames there. Here is one of them.
One more of these fountain photos. The red sweater really helps Tilda stand out. Here she is flicking her hair back.
This is one of my favourite photos from the evening.
Another “lets quickly run there, and take a few shots while the others are setting up” photo.
Therese holding the flash for Johanna. I wanted to backlight the droplets to make them stand out better.
Johanna sneaking up on Tilda.
The water surface was almost completely still. Here a quick snap while Tilda was preparing to throw more water for the next photo.
Bring it on!
The trick to get these to look good is not to do it too fast. You do not want the arc too far away.
This is what it looked like when we were doing it.
I recently found out that my flash had two remote modes. One which is more advanced that lets me control its power from the camera, and a second one where it is just triggered by any lighting flash. The former is what I normally use, but that only lets me do single flashes. The internal flash can operate in repeat mode also, but then it does not act as a commander. By switching to the other flash trigger mode on my flash I could trigger repeat flashes from the external speed light. This was just a quick test where I moved the camera during the half second exposure.

There you have it, a few highlights from the Näsby Slott photoshoot. Many thanks to Therese, Viktoria, Tilda and Johanna for a fun evening!

– Johannes

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