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Yesterday I met up with Catrine Sageryd at Stimulus Elverktyg to do a location based photoshoot. We were joined by Felicia Thomas and Alexander Gullberg Jonsson who helped out with the flashes. There are a lot of cool power tools in their workshop, so we decided to put them to good use. Here is a selection of the photos from the evening.

Here we wanted to contrast Catrine´s smart dress with the big power tool. The scene is lit by two lamps, one behind Catrine to give us a shadow, and one from the right to light the face. Felicia made a makeshift cardboard snoot to restrict the light.
We had originally planned to do more silhouette photos, but I realised that I probably need to invest in a proper gridded soft box to get a larger light source. As it is now the silhouetted shadows are very sharp.
Someone needed some trees cut down? Here we have two snooted flashes, one on the left illuminating the  brick wall, and the second one lighting up Catrine´s face.
One flash and a perforated piece of metal. By moving the flash further away from the metal grid, the shadows on Caterine´s face became sharper. If she moved further away they became softer. So by changing her distance and that of the flash we could control the look and feel and decide how the shadows should be on the face. Of course, here it would probably have been easier to use a continuous light source rather than speedlights.
Playing with side lighting. Here we played with the angle of the two saw blades to adjust the reflection from the flashes.
Silhouette and hammer. Sometimes show less is more.
I recently bought two El Wires for a dance photo shoot, and brought them along. Here we were playing with it. This photo has only had global adjustments done.
One more silhouette photo. Again, a larger light source would have given us softer edges.
Return of the big drill. This photo is lit by a single snooted flash.
I like that Catrine´s face is not visible in this photo, which makes it more mysterious.
This photo is lit from the top right corner. There is also some fixed light out in the corridor.
A behind-the-scenes photo as we tried to get a bit creative with the poses. The dogs thought it was really fun.
We found the fuse cabinet tucked away in a room full of cobweb.
In the workshop there is a small sealed room with a separate exhaust system where you can work with things that give off a lot of dust. The plastic door was transparent, so we put a flash inside and did some silhouette photos.
A closer up photo. Here I have pushed the exposure a bit in post processing.
One last wardrobe change before it is time to call it a day. Here we are lighting the scene with a single flash from the left.

This was a really great location to use for a photo shoot. I liked the gritty feeling you get from being in a workshop. Many thanks to Catrine, Felicia and Alex for a fun evening!

– Johannes

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