Murray Edwards Garden Party 2017

Today was the annual Murray Edwards Garden Party which takes place during May Week in Cambridge. I was there together with Sarah Barrington to photograph the event. It was great fun, with lots of wonderful photo opportunities. Here is a selection of my favourite photos from the evening.

Johannes Hjorth and Sarah Barrington. Here we were playing with the mirror, to figure out what might look good.
Julia Schlaier and Johanna Blendow
Danya Z, Bethanie Chambers, Manon Olivia Huckle, Josh Chambers, Rowanne VVllett, Lucy Sutcliffe, Nisha Emich, Amy Clare and Tara Gouk
Magdalen Christie, Beth Craig-Geen, Emily Busvine, Romilly Beddow and Kat K
Charlotte Dunn, Siân Whitby and Georgie Steele
John Suzuki, James Cullen, Mikey Teal, Jack Heywood, David Nicholas, Karan Singha, Liz Broom and Joe Sharpe
Green shirt guy, Bethanie Chambers and Josh Chambers
Auréliane Lili Pierret and Kenneth Wong
Toby Matimong, Bethan Davidson and Michelle Lim
Sharla Petterson and Leo Ferrari
Hettie B and Catherine Willoughby
Rachel Attwood and Waltraut Knop
Anna Cardoso, Naemi Melvin, Flora Charatan, Susannah Ashfield, Lara Dillingham and Louise Marzano
Jake Breindel and Zoe Allen
Alice Kroupeev and friend
John Choo and Wei Khan
Emma Hall and Finty Hunter
Grace Knight and Sandra Toften
Cameron Wallis, Jaspyr Geddes-Rainbow, Susie Bower-Brown, Holly Jeffrey, Tom Edinburgh and Nick Wise
Levi Marelus and friend
Julia Schlaier and Johanna Blendow
Johanna Blendow and Julia Schlaier
Aaron Fleming and Tilly Farmery
Finty Hunter and Faith Inch
Johanna Blendow
Sam C-w and Jade Anya Pallister
Susannah Ashfield and Naemi Melvin
Sophie Compton and Chantal Duchenne
Anna Sanders, Ollie Hayes, Lily Hartley-Matthews and Leila Hamza
Maria Baya and Michael Ha
Josh Hillier and Hannah Ketteman
Bethan Davidson
Bethanie Chambers and Tara Gouk
Ruby Gunn, Bethanie Chambers, Hettie B and Catherine Willoughby
Georgie Holiday and Sam Fowler
Sarah Barrington
Arjun Thayyil, Tara Gouk, Reuben Chacko, Josh Chambers and Bethanie Chambers
Nick Goodwin and James Partridge
Sarah Barrington
Sarah Barrington and Johannes Hjorth
Sarah Barrington
Jenny Robertson, Hannah Fisher and Chloe Lamport
Charlotte Dunn, Siân Whitby, Henry Holms and Eleanor Hegarty
Rhiannon White, Catherine Rowley and Hope Doherty
Hettie B and Dominic Hall
Mudara Senanayake and Charles Smith
Tom Corner and Patricia Behling
Holly Hampton, Rosie Lindup, Emma IC, Aryan Sabir and Leo Benedict
Opportune Simon dancing in front of Priyanka Popat, Kleopatra Kyprianou and Danielle Cai
Emily Larcombe with friends
Lucy Alphonse, Finty Hunter, Geli Rose, Emma Hall and Clarrie Pettit
Henry Holms and Declan Amphlett
Tabby Adams and Maddy Cummins
Tiggy McDowell and Reece Griffiths
Hannah Ketteman, Alex Brown and Hannah Webb
Maddy Cummins, Paritosh Devbhandari, Tabby Adams and Daniel Thorpe
Hannah Ketteman, Alex Brown and Hannah Webb.
Hannah Ketteman, Josh Hillier, Rufus Saunders, Hannah Webb and Alex Brown
Philip Philippe and Hennie Coales
Ross Duncan and Miranda Nicholson with friends
Natasha White and Samuel Moore
Holly Mason with friend
Tara Gouk and Alek Napieraj
Tara Gouk and Nisha Emich
Nina Jones, Declan Amphlett and Connor Wynn
Chloe, Owen Crawford, Pasan Pataks Fernando and Daniel Howard
Assunta Walderdorff, Katherine Pyne and Rowanne VVllett
Mini Smith, Tamara Manuel and Connor Wynn with friends
Tilly Farmery and Kannika Kallappa
Lucy Elizabeth and James Cullen

Here is a link to the Facebook album with photos from the Garden Party. Please help out tagging your friends. If you want to read more about the Murray Edwards Garden Party, then check out Varsity’s review.

For more May Ball photos, see the May Ball tag on the blog.

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