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This past weekend Hugo Åslund and Vira joined me for a photoshoot in Täby. This is the last photoshoot with Vira before she moves from Stockholm en route to new adventures. We met up at Rönninge by and headed to Rönninge sjön where Vira had found a nice little spot for us by the water.

Hugo Åslund defying gravity.
Hugo Åslund

We then walked into the forest and found a couple of spots with nice light.

Hugo Åslund

After lunch we photographed in the Green Room. Hugo is a drag queen and had brought with him some amazing dresses that we used.

Vira in Hugo’s red dress, with a little help by the new photoshop generative fill.
Hugo Åslund and Vira (virad runt hans midja).
Hugo Åslund. Experimenting a bit with the wide angle 20mm lens.
Hugo Åslund and Vira making shapes.
Hugo Åslund and Vira
Vira and Hugo Åslund

On the way back we had stopped by at Täby Centrum to buy a piece of stretchy cloth for the photohoot.

Vira and Hugo Åslund
Vira and Hugo Åslund

When I got home last week the robot vacuum cleaner had run into one of my mirrors that were standing on the floor and tipped it over, breaking it and throwing shards all over on the floor. Before cleaning it up I decided to keep a few of the shards for future photography projects, which came in handy for this photoshoot.

Hugo Åslund and Vira. Presenting Hugo the drag queen.
Vira and Hugo Åslund. Free the nipple.
Vira and Hugo Åslund

Behind the scenes:

Many thanks to Vira and Hugo for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Vira, Hugo, Johannes

— Johannes

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