Vissa vassa vass

Last week Maja Dahlbäck came by Näsbypark after work. This was a quite spontaneous photoshoot, where we experimented with different things. Maja had brought a few different dresses a set of cloth that she had procured for a show, We did most of the photos by the water at Kråkudden, and then a few quick shots indoors just because the sunlight looked so good through the window.

Maja Dahlbäck. Sometimes less is more also when it comes to poses.
Maja Dahlbäck
Maja Dahlbäck. Cleared out the horizon in this photo as it was interfering with the lines of the arms.
Maja Dahlbäck. When in water it is always fun to play with water droplets.
Maja Dahlbäck. She had brought these beautiful cloths. Tip for anyone trying this, it is way easier before they get wet.
Maja Dahlbäck. Four shades of brown.
Maja Dahlbäck
Maja Dahlbäck. We did a few really great photos with reeds two years ago, so it was fun to incorporate again.
Maja Dahlbäck. The dress for her sister’s upcoming wedding. We had to be really careful for this set of photos.
Maja Dahlbäck
Maja Dahlbäck
Maja Dahlbäck
Maja Dahlbäck. It is amazing how fast the reeds grow, a few months ago these were cut down at the waterline.
Maja Dahlbäck

Many thanks to Maja for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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