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Today I met up with the cast and crew of Titus Andonicus to do a photoshoot with them at St Paul’s Primary School. The group is travelling up to Edinburgh in August to perform during the last two weeks of the Fringe Festival. Today they were having fun, and getting flashbacks to their childhood, while sitting in the school bench. I keep forgetting that the UK school system use school uniforms, which you might argue the merits of, however from a photographic point of view it looks pretty good. Here are the photos, that start out pretty normally but soon derail.

Class is in session. Nisha Emich, Kay Dent, Kate Marston, Lola Olufemi, Matthew Bradley, Joe Spence, Jerome Burelbach and Seth.
Practicing squiggly writing.
Kay Dent
Lola Olufemi
Jerome Burelbach doing his maths homework.
Nisha explaining the multiplication table. “One, plus one is two.” Matt is confused.
Joe Spence
Jerome Burelbach, Kate Marston and Matthew Bradley.
Jerome Burelbach, Kate Marston and Matthew Bradley.
I like the composition in this shot. This is the last in a long sequence of test photos we did, first with only Kate and her hands tied, but it was not until we had the guys sit down in the background that the photo came together.
Fake blood makes for great photos.
One of the first violent scenes we did during the photo shoot.
Fake blood flowing from the eye, take two.
Lola Olufemi impregnating Nisha Emich.
Nisha Emich and Lola Olufemi. The window light creates beautiful soft shadows.
Kate Marston and Matthew Bradley in the first of a long sequence of strangulation scenes.
Louisa Dales sorting out the fake blood for the cast.
Kate Marston, vampire, zombie or primary school student? It is hard to tell.
Lola Olufemi
Kay is enjoying the blood.
Action! First we did this improvised scene with static photos, but it was not until we switched over to video that it really came to life.

Here is the final poster created by Hannah Grace Taylor. It is always a pleasure to see what she makes from the photos.


15 seconds trailer:

Titus – Kay Dent
Tamora – Nisha Emich
Lavinia – Kate Marston
Aaron – Lola Olufemi
Marcus – Lauren Brown
Saturninus – Seth
Bassianus – Avigail Tlalim
Chiron/Martius – Jerome Burelbach
Lucius – Joe Spence
Demetrius/Quintus – Matt Bradley

Production Team
Producer – Jack Rowan
Director – Greg Forrest
Assistant Producer – Freya Sanders
Lighting Designer – Catja Hamilton
Assistant Director – Isaac Jordan
Stage Managing Assistant Producer (SMAP) – Louisa Dales
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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