Actéon photoshoot

Yesterday evening I met up with Sasha Amaya, Rowan H, Gabrielle Haigh and Naomi Woo in the Mill Road Cemetery to do a photoshoot for Aceton.

When Actéon glimpses Diana bathing in the wood, she seeks revenge by transforming him into a deer. Jubilantly aided by the goddess of the hunt, Actéon’s men, unaware of his fate, pursue the expedition on which they together set out, unknowingly bringing tragedy into their midst.

Rowan and Gabrielle
We looked up photos of old Greek statues to get some inspiration. This is perhaps a more classical Afrodite pose than Diana, but we did not have a bow.
Playing a bit with the wind.
Acteon turns into a deer.
Gabrielle Haigh as the goddess of the hunt Diana.
I like this shot. Played around a bit with the post processing adding a texture on top to make it feel older and more vulnerable.
Trying to silhouette the antlers against the sky by shooting Rowan from a low angle.
Close up of Gabrielle’s face.
One more photo of the antlers, depicting Acteon trying to avoid the hunters.
One last photo of the day, again inspired by an old Greek/Roman statue.

Here is the poster beautifully designed by Hannah Grace Taylor


The opera Acteon will play 19-20 June in Clare College Chapel.

Update: Read the Varsity review (3.5/5)

For more opera photos, check out the blog post about Livietta and Tracollo from last year.

Actéon – Rowan H
Diana – Gabrielle Haigh
Junon – Judith Lebiez
Daphne – Jenny Ashworth

Production Team
Producer – Julia Radomski
Director – Sasha Amaya
Music Director – Naomi Woo
Assistant Music Director – Yannick Mayaud
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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  1. Peter b jenkins
    June 15, 2015

    beautiful and strange story…lovely photos… we often see roe deer from our house and garden.. “humans are primarily, fundamentally and finally animal” Konard lorenz, nobel prize winner and creator of ethology, science of animal behaviour . looking forrward to fri nie, 8pm
    best wishes, peter and jane

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