Yesterday evening this week’s ADC main show Othello had their dress rehearsal. The director Robbie Taylor Hunt has modernised this Shakespeare classic, setting it in today’s world, and a lot of the characters have been gender swapped. On Camdram you can read:

There’s a new general at Army Headquarters.
Othello’s appointment sparks controversy, because of her gender as well as her ethnicity. Behind the combat training, military expeditions and national scrutiny, some personal conflicts are at play. Iago’s jealousy begins to manifest itself. The soldiers and their loved ones are dragged into a melee of suspicion, resentment and revenge.

This dynamic and boldly original take on Shakespeare’s powerhouse tragedy explores a new framework of mistrustful relationships, gender politics and discrimination.

“In following [her] I follow but myself… I am not what I am.”

Here are my photos from the rehearsal:

Brabantio is upset that Othello has married his son. Will Peck, Lola Olufemi, Tom Chamberlain and Ben Martineau.
Tom Chamberlain
The trophy husband entertains the party guests with his singing. Oli MacFarlane, Bea Svistunenko, Declan Amphlett, Ben Martineau and Lola Olufemi
Iago has managed to get Cassio drunk. Bea Svistunenko, Toby Marlow, Will Peck and Declan Amphlett.
Iago the instigator, trying to get Cassio to do something stupid.
Cassio getting into a fight. Declan Amphlett, Will Peck and Ben Martineau.
Othello is not pleased that her commander Cassio is behaving in this manner. Will Peck and Lola Olufemi.
Iago is quick to damn Cassio. Lola Olufemi, Will Peck and Laura Waldren.
Best friends forever. Will Peck, Oli MacFarlane with Laura Waldren and Lola Olufemi in the background looking on.
Desdemona arguing the case of Cassio before Othello. Aoife Kennan, Lola Olufemi and Oli MacFarlane.
Iago poisoning the mind of Othello, is her beloved Desdemona unfaithful? Lola Olufemi and Laura Waldren.


Act 2…

Things are not going well for our couple. Lola Olufemi and Oli MacFarlane having an argument.
Othello is upset, or is she having an epileptic seizure? Lola Olufemi.
A letter arrives. Lola Olufemi, with Declan Amphlett, Oli MacFarlane, Atri Banerjee and Laura Waldren in the background.
Iago and Roderigo who is a bit upset with what she is doing. Laura Waldren and Jack Parham.
Laura Waldren and Jack Parham.
Aoife Kennan, a legitimate prop, or sneaking some last minute exam work in during the play?
Aoife Kennan and Oli MacFarlane.
Aoife Kennan and Oli MacFarlane.
Iago stepping up her scheming a notch. Will Peck and Laura Waldren.
Atri Banerjee, Bea Svistunenko, Laura Waldren and Will Peck.
Iago silencing Roderigo. Laura Waldren and Jack Parham.
Bianca is distraught that her lover is hurt. Toby Marlow, Will Peck and Bea Svistunenko.
Bea Svistunenko, Laura Waldren and Jack Parham.
Dark tides approaching. Lola Olufemi and Oli MacFarlane.
Things are heating up in the bedchamber. Lola Olufemi and Oli MacFarlane.
Othello suffocating Desdemona out of jealously. Lola Olufemi and Oli MacFarlane.
Emilia finds her friend Desdemona taking her last dying breath. Aoife Kennan, Lola Olufemi and Oli MacFarlane.
Aoife Kennan, Declan Amphlett, Laura Waldren, Toby Marlow, Bea Svistunenko and Oli MacFarlane.
Emilia about to reveal Iago’s scheming. Laura Waldren and Aoife Kennan.
Laura Waldren, Lola Olufemi, Declan Amphlett and Toby Marlow.
Toby Marlow, Bea Svistunenko and Aoife Kennan.
Lola Olufemi, Toby Marlow and Bea Svistunenko.
Lola Olufemi, Oli MacFarlane and Toby Marlow.
Bea Svistunenko
Othello takes his own life. Lola Olufemi, Will Peck, Oli MacFarlane, Laura Waldren, Ben Martineau and Aoife Kennan.
Lola Olufemi, Laura Waldren, Ben Martineau, Toby Marlow and Atri Banerjee with Oli MacFarlane and Aoife Kennan dead on the bed.
Will Peck, Laura Waldren, Toby Marlow with Oli MacFarlane, Lola Olufemi and Aoife Kennan dead in the foreground.
Declan Amphlett, Tom Chamberlain, Toby Marlow, Aoife Kennan, Lola Olufemi Laura Waldren, Will Peck and Robbie Taylor Hunt.
Declan Amphlett, Tom Chamberlain, Robbie Taylor Hunt, Aoife Kennan, Ben Martineau, Laura Waldren, Bea Svistunenko, Toby Marlow, Atri Banerje, Romilly Beddow, Catja Hamilton, Kathryn Dodds, Jessie Mathewson, Jamie Balcombe. Jack Parham, Will Peck, Oli MacFarlane, Lola Olufemi, Louisa Dales, Abigail Smith and Emily Galvin.

If you are not yet saturated with photos, then there are some more in the blog post from one of their rehearsals.

Book your ticket to Othello on the ADC webpage.

Reviews: The Cambridge Student (9/10), Varsity (5/5), The Tab (3.5/5)

Othello – Lola Olufemi
Iago – Laura Waldren
Desdemona – Oli MacFarlane
Cassio – Will Peck
Emilia – Aoife Kennan
Brabantio – Tom Chamberlain
Roderigo – Jack Parham
Gratiano – Bea Svistunenko
Bianca – Toby Marlow
Montano – Declan Amphlett
Lodovico – Atri Banerjee
The Duke – Joe Spence
Soldier – Ben Martineau

Composer – Ryan Rodrigues

Production Team
Director – Robbie Taylor Hunt
Associate Producer – Greg Forrest
Producer – Emily Baycroft
Stage Manager – Louisa Dales
Associate Director – Marthe de Ferrer
Assistant Stage Manager – Abigail Smith, Rhiannon Shaw
Assistant Producer – Susannah Duck, Abigail Maton-Howarth
Publicity Designer – Atri Banerjee
Set designer – Emily Barker
Assistant Carpenter – Chloe Booyens
Assistant Publicity Designer – Natalie Price
Technical Director – Jamie Balcombe
Light Designer – Catja Hamilton
Deputy Stage Manager – Romilly Beddow
Chief Electrician – Kathryn Dodds
Costume Designer – Jessie Mathewson
Sound Director – Emily Galvin
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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