Othello rehearsal

Some photos from the Othello rehearsal at the ADC Theatre earlier today. I ran into Robbie Taylor Hunt when I was photographing some poster photos for The Collection (blog post) and could not resist dropping by to see what they were up after we had finished with the first photo shoot. It was interesting to see the rehearsal, and how they went through the scenes step by step.

I had my flashes with me, so decided to spice up the somewhat boring house lights to make the photos a bit more interesting. Same plan as I had used for A Severed Head‘s rehearsal that I photographed earlier (blog post). The difference this time was that there were no extra hands, so I used a tripod for the flash, which made it a lot more hit and miss as the actors moved around. Anyway, we managed to get a few good shots. Here are the photos from the morning.


Robbie directing Oli.
Tom Chamberlain and Lola Olufemi
I put a flash behind Robbie to see if I could give him a gloria.
Lola and Oli MacFarlane. Pretty sure this was not in the script.
I also wandered around a bit, to see if there were some other interesting angles.
Lola yelling “So cute!”
More directing!
Bea Svistunenko and Lola
This almost does not look staged…
Lola Olufemi, photographed with one snooted flash illuminating her from the side.

I am really looking forward to seeing the dress rehearsal next week. Keep an eye out for the blog post!

– Johannes

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