Zoé Barnes and I did a spontaneous photoshoot in West Cambridge. The skies were covered in clouds which gave us a very soft light. I used to live nearby when I worked here in Cambridge, so it was fun to revisit this old place.

Spinning on the bike path. Lots of passersby wondered what we were doing.
I have passed this rustic gate many times, and finally got a chance to include it in a photo.
Hanging out in the fields.
Turning away slightly from the light to get a bit of shadows on the face.
Another spot that I have passed many times and wanted to use for photography.
A touch of yellow.
Just west of West Cambridge, before the motorway is this path hidden away where the trees create like a tunnel.
There are several bridges crossing the motorway, this is one of the lesser used ones.
Back in the fields for a few more photos before it was time to head back.
Last photo of the day.

Many thanks to Zoé Barnes for a fun and spontaneous photoshoot.

— Johannes

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