Photoshoot with Georgina Skinner

Today Georgina Skinner and I met to do a few head shots. The sky was a bit cloudy, which was great because it means softer shadows. We did a first set of photos at Emmanuel College, but then headed out to West Cambridge because I had only brought my 50 mm lens, and for more close-up portraits the 85 mm lens really shines.

This was shot with the 85 mm lens, with a reflector held in front of Georgina to lift any shadows on the face.
Chris and Georgina. I like behind-the-scenes casual shots.
I could not resist doing a more dramatic shot at the college chapel.
Shot in the shade at the sports centre, also with the 85 mm, f/4.5, 1/250 s, ISO 64.

When watching videos of other people photographing you pick up a few things. One thing I had seen a few times was placing a reflector in front of the model, shining light from below into the face. Chris helped us with the reflector, and it made a big difference. I am really happy with how the shots turned out. Many thanks to Georgina and Chris for a fun photo shoot!

Check out Georgina’s music on Soundcloud.

– Johannes


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