Taming of the Shrew poster

This evening I met up with Kennedy Bloomer, Aoife Kennan and Toby Marlow to shoot photos for the poster of Taming of the Shrew. Kennedy had a vision of some arm wrestling photos. There was a beautiful black grand piano with a polished black surface that we recruited. This got us started on the reflection path.

Making a poster is hard work. Here Aoife and Toby.
In the right corner we have Toby. I am not sure if he is a genius or just crazy.
In the left corner we have Aoife.
Our first try at the poster photo. Clean and simple, with a bit of blue light to make it more interesting.
We have a winner!
Round 2.
Kennedy flashing herself. She had to do it twice, since she was covering the optical sensor preventing the flash from firing.
Toby suggested we should add a wedding ring to the photo, and ran down to borrow one from the Rent production. That led to us doing this composite shot for the poster.


The poster designed by the talented Hannah Grace Taylor (check out her webpage):


There you have it, a bit of fun in ADC’s Larkum studio. I am curious to see what Hannah Grace Taylor does with the images for the final poster (Update: See above!). For more photos from the Taming of the Shrew, have a look at my previous blog post.

– Johannes


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