Pierian Spring

This past Tuesday I met up with Heidi Salminen and Fanni Pennanen in the Old Town for a ballet photoshoot. There are lots of hidden gems in there, one of them is the Branting Square, just south of the Royal Palace. From there we headed east through the old streets, towards the inner courtyard at Stora Nygatan 31. However, that place turned out to be closed, so we instead continued north to Prästgatan, stopping along the way several times. Both Heidi and Fanni are amazing ballet dancers, and we got so many beautiful photos it was hard to pick. Here are some of my favourites.

Fanni Pennanen
Heidi Salminen at the Branting Square.
Fanni Pennanen. Here I moved into the alcove, to shoot from the inside, and get more dramatic shadows.
Fanni Pennanen. Casually standing on pointe.
Heidi Salminen. When shooting these dance poses one of the things we aim to do is to position the arms and legs in the plane of the image. An arm pointing at the camera looks short, while an arm in the image plane looks long and elegant.
Heidi Salminen. Her red dress is just gorgeous, and the colour works really well when shooting street ballet, as it helps the dancer stand out against the background. Here we also positioned Heidi in a patch of sunlight.
Fanni Pennanen
Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen jumping.
Fanni Pennanen having fun. We played around a bit with unstable poses.
Fanni Pennanen
Fanni Pennanen and Heidi Salminen. Pas de deux is something I want to photograph more, it allows for a lot more variation.
Fanni Pennanen. It is fascinating how ballet can make something so simple as taking a step forward into an elegant pose.
Heidi Salminen. We headed to Skeppsbrokajen, and started hunting for patches of sunlight.
Fanni Pennanen
Heidi Salminen. We saw a puddle on our way to Kungsträdgården, and had to stop for a reflection photo.
Heidi Salminen. We ended the evening at Kungsträdgården among the cherry blossoms.

Many thanks to Heidi and Fanny for a fun dance photoshoot in the Old Town.

To see more ballet photos, check the ballet tag on the blog.

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For those curious about the blog title, it is a play on words. In Greek mythology the Pierian spring is a spring in Macedonia that is the methaphorical source of art and science. “A little learning is a dang’rous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.”

— Johannes

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