A Summer’s Day

This weekend we had around twenty degrees, and it finally felt like summer. I met up with Moa Andreasson and Wilma Randler from the Royal Swedish Ballet School for a dance photoshoot in Bergianska Trädgården in Stockholm. The idea was to have a bit of a street feeling to the outfits. The trees had just started to blossom, providing a rich green backdrop for our dance photos.

Moa Andreasson. There are some stone alcoves along the path by the water which are facing north providing beautiful soft light.
Wilma Randler found a patch of sunlight in the shade.
Moa Andreasson. A bit further down the path we found this rock that bathed in sunlight, while the background was in the shade. Giving us a beautiful backlight set. The uneven rock was not the best platform, but after a few tries we managed to figure out how to work with it.
Moa Andreasson. I must admit I was surprised at how nice the light was in the shade. A lot of my photography during midday is done in the harsh sunlight, but this made me feel like I should definitely do more photos in shade when they give this soft shadows. The shadows help sculpt the three dimensional shape.
Moa Andreasson. I really like the pose here.
Moa Andreasson spotted this location and it worked magnificently.
Moa Andreasson
Wilma Randler. Here we looked for a spot where Wilma would be in the sun, and the background in the shades.
Wilma and Moa, behind the scenes.
Wilma Randler. After a short food break we headed west from the green house and found this concrete wall with an interesting shadow. “It is so much easier to come up with poses when you have a wall.”
Moa Andreasson. Here I was holding some blue flowers in front of the lens to create a bit of a light bloom.
Wilma Randler
Moa Andreasson. The light coming in from the side was just enough to illuminate Moa and the wall behind her. The shadows from the sun move surprisingly fast, if you compare the photos by the concrete wall then you can see that by the end of the series there is no sun left on the wall.
Moa Andreasson
Moa Andreasson. The solution of course when the wall eventually was in shadows was to take a step out from it.
Moa Andreasson. After leaving the concrete wall we headed down to the shore. The sun was getting lower and the sunlight was turning a warm orange.
Moa Andreasson, here playing with mimicking the shape of the tree branches.
Wilma Randler
Moa Andreasson. We were running out of time, but managed to do a last few photos by the water.
Wilma Randler found a park bench. Shooting from a lower angle showed this great dome of tree branches above her.
Wilma Randler. Last photo of the day!

A big thank you to Moa and Wilma for a fun photoshoot!

To see more ballet photos, see the ballet tag on the blog.

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