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Yesterday I met up with the cast and crew of Pippin to do a photo shoot after their performance at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show was great and very entertaining, go see it! My inner photographer was really enjoying the visual aspect, there were so many great scenes that I wanted to capture with my camera. No photos from it though, sorry. We did however get some great photos afterwards. More of that below.

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The original 1972 Broadway production of Stephen Schwartz (best known for his work on Wicked, Godspell, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Prince of Egypt) and Roger O. Hirson’s ‘Pippin’ won five Tony Awards, and the 2013 Broadway revival won another four.

The story is told by a troupe of actors, led by the ‘Leading Player’, a mysterious figure who breaks the fourth wall and blurs the distinction between the world of fiction and reality. The troupe stages the story of Pippin, a young prince who is searching for his place in the world. Rather than following a linear structure, the show resembles a picaresque adventure-story, consisting of a number of fantastical episodes: Pippin goes to war with the Visigoths, murders his father, becomes a tyrant, flees to the countryside and falls in love.

Pippin contains a masterful score by Stephen Schwartz, with upbeat pop-inspired numbers that propel the story along with wit and energy, and many of its memorable songs, from Pippin’s soaring ballad Corner of the Sky to Berthe’s rousing (and audience-participatory) anthem No Time at All, have become established classics.

Here are the photos from our photo shoot after the show.

On the way to the photoshoot location, the Pippin cast is singing and handing out flyers for their show.
Rían Hamill and Caroline Sautter puppeteering on the streets of Edinburgh.
Oli MacFarlane against a wall, with a hint of Edinburgh behind him.
Tom Taplin with Edinburgh Castle in the background.


Yasmin Freeman. The setting sun casts a warm light, but gives quite strong shadows.
One more of Tom on the stairs.
Ellie Coote. By picking a spot where Ellie is in the sun, but the background mostly in shadows she stands out more against the busy background.
Megan Henson as King Charles.
Group selfie with Stephen Gage, John King, Lily Lindon, Amy Carmichael and Tom Taplin.
Here we tried having Megan Henson climb up on a metal pole to get her into the sunlight.
It is easy to get blind when photographing, not sure who pointed out that it might be a good idea to photograph Megan from the other direction, but they were right.
A director has many roles, here making sure the King returns safely to the ground.
Lucy Dickson. John came up with the concept of tying her to a pole.
Lily Lindon spotted this sign and struck a pose
Oli MacFarlane and Lily Lindon.
Caroline Sautter as the nearly-but-not-quite-almighty narrator.
Caroline Sautter and Amy Carmichael. Here we were experimenting with different angles and poses when we decided to add in a jump to make the poses more dynamic.
Caroline Sautter and Amy Carmichael is joined by Rían Hamill.
Amy Carmichael. A bit of blank space were left intentionally to the side for some of these portraits so they can later add captions to them with a short character bio.
Rían Hamill
Amy Carmichael
We moved across the street to a set of stairs. In the next set of group photos we added one person at a time. Here Megan Henson started as the first person in the frame.
One of the group photos. Lucy Dickson, Lily Lindon, Rían Hamill, Caroline Sautter, Oli MacFarlane, Yasmin Freeman and Tom Taplin.
Ellie Coote, Lily Lindon and Megan Henson.
Yasmin Freeman and Tom Taplin.
Caroline Sautter and Oli MacFarlane.
Yasmin Freeman and Tom Taplin.
Oli MacFarlane and Caroline Sautter.
Exhausted cast after a long day. Ellie Coote, Lucy Dickson, Yasmin Freeman, Tom Taplin, Lily Lindon, Amy Carmichael, Megan Henson, Rían Hamill, Oli MacFarlane and Caroline Sautter.
Stephen Cage and John King overlooking the cast.
Oli MacFarlane and Caroline Sautter.
Rían Hamill and Tom Taplin.
Oli MacFarlane and Caroline Sautter.

Many thanks to the cast and crew for a really fun photoshoot! Go check out Pippin, one of the highlights of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

– Johannes


Reviews: Varsity (5/5), The Public Reviews (4.5/5)

Pippin – Oli MacFarlane
Leading Player – Caroline Sautter
Catherine – Ellie Coote
King Charles – Megan Henson
Fastrada – Yasmin Freeman
Berthe – Lucy Dickson
Lewis – Tom Taplin
Theo – Lily Lindon
Player – Amy Carmichael, Rían Hamill

Keys – Stephen Gage
Trumpet – Andy Smith
Guitar – Oscar Farley
Drums – Elspeth Collard
Trombone – Ewan Day-Collins

Production Team
Director – John King
Producer – Lewis Scott, Harry Stockwell
Musical Director – Stephen Gage
Stage Manager – Eleanor Mitchell
Technical Director – David Stansby
Production Designer, Publicity Designer – Emily Newton
Lighting Designer – Sam Payne
Publicist, Deputy Stage Manager – Josie Wastell
Additional Choreography – Hao Feng
Cambridge Producer – Lian Wilkinson
Assistant Producer – Lydia Clark
Sound Designer – Ed Bray
Mighty Hazer – Mitchell Clarke
Pookie – Iain Harvey
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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