Tate Postmodern

Tate Postmodern is an interactive piece, where the visitor is taken on a tour of a postmodern museum. It has been running for two weeks, and tonight was the penultimate show. You will learn about such things as the hairy Mary, which looks like a fish made out of pubic hair. There is a fascinating monologue about the power of rice. You will meet a souvenir clerk that takes her dedication to arts to the next level. Intrigued, there is one more chance to see it tomorrow.

Here are a few photos taken during their performance. Since it was a live performance I limited my photographing to minimise the disturbance.

Hao Feng adjusting a few of the paintings before the visitors arrive.
Sarah Wilson as Fenella the gallery owner. I like the natural framing of this photo.
Hao Feng and Anna Smith discussing the art piece hanging on the wall.
Anna Smith
Anna Smith and Patrick Wilson performing “Man eating sandwich”.
Modern art. Hao with a painting smashed over his head.
Adam Butler-Rushton is made to eat a postcard.
Adam Butler-Rushton and Sarah Wilson
Anna Smith with a gun, taking art to the next level.


Fenella – Sarah Wilson
Neil – Patrick Wilson
Mischa – Adam Butler-Rushton
Schmidt – Hao Feng
Poppy – Anna Smith

Production Team
Co-Producer – Raniyah Qureshi
Curator – Jessica Poon
Co-Producer – Luke Heppenstall-West
Publicist – Luke Heppenstall-West
Publicity Designer – Chloe Carroll
Assistant Director – Luke Heppenstall-West
Additional Writing – Nathan Smith
Nigel Nigel – Luke Heppenstall-West
Razmatazz – Luke Heppenstall-West
Bookie – Rachel Tookey
Director – Rachel Tookey
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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