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We had been planning this since end of March, and finally last Saturday, the day arrived for the photoshoot. Maria Lund studies to become a tailor at Stockholms Tillskärarakademie and has created some beautiful clothes. I reached out to her about doing a collaboration after seeing one of her creations on instagram. We also teamed up with Jennifer Wallén and Emelie Boll who both are wonderful dancers and a joy to photograph with.

Our plan was to take the train to Tullinge and walk from there to Hamra grustag. The weather had been great the days before, but on the day of the shoot we had rain and cloudy skies. We braved the bad weather and did the first part of the photoshoot outdoors, but then changed the plan for the second half and instead headed to Näsbypark to do the last set of photos indoors in my Green Room. We got some great shots in both locations, so while it would have been great to have better weather, we were quite happy with how it turned out.

Emelie Boll wearing clothes by Maria Lund.
Emelie Boll wearing clothes by Maria Lund. Here I tried to find a balance between being close enough to see the beautiful outfit, and capturing the environment around Emilie.
Emelie Boll wearing clothes by Maria Lund. When photographing out in the rain I usually cover the camera with a clear plastic bag. It is not mist, but the plastic bag adding a bit of creative haze to the photo.
Jennifer Wallén wearing clothes by Maria Lund.

It is special when a new constellation of people come together simply because the will of wanting to create. To me that is something unique for all the arts. How they can be combined, intertwined and collaborative. You get to encounter people with different routes and yet you end up gathered for a moment in time and bring something to existence. And how beautiful it was to have Maria with us as an additional creator in the room. Maria and her handmade clothes definitely brought a whole other feeling.

Jennifer Wallén
Jennifer Wallén wearing clothes by Maria Lund. By the time we arrived in the Green Room the skies had cleared up and we were treated to some beautiful sunlight.
Jennifer Wallén wearing clothes by Maria Lund.
Jennifer Wallén wearing clothes by Maria Lund.
Jennifer Wallén wearing clothes by Maria Lund.
Emelie Boll and Jennifer Wallén, wearing clothes by Maria Lund. Maria (just out of picture to the left) and Jennifer to the right in the photo were giving the skirt a bit of life. In the final version of the photo you do not see Jennifer as she is retouched out, but for the blog post I decided to keep her in the photo as I felt it added something to the feel of the photo.
Jennifer and Maria, getting the details right.

My name is Maria and I am a tailor student at Tillskärarakademin. Since I was a child creativity and sewing has been a big part of my life. When I was a teenage I knew that I wanted to work with fashion.

You can work with fashion in many different ways. And I have had really hard to find where I wanted to be. But over time I have found how I like to work, what inspires me, and what I want to work for. Everyone knows that fashion is a very dirty industry and the last thing I want to be is another one involved.

In my work I try to combine fine work with material that is already existing. For example the blue top – the fabric in this top is bought on a flea market on Orust. Almost all of my garments are made with some kind of material from second hand or donations.

I like to continue to work creative where I use the material that is already existing and make garments that can be used in different ways, for a very long time.

Maria Lund
Jennifer, Maria and Emelie. I just realised now while writing the text to the blog post that if we had used a timer and a tripod we could have had a fourth set of hands in the photo.
Emelie Boll wearing clothes by Maria Lund. Another beautiful dress, it was so fun to have all these different outfits.
Emelie Boll wearing clothes by Maria Lund.
Emelie Boll wearing clothes by Maria Lund.
Emelie Boll wearing clothes by Maria Lund.

Behind the scenes video (1 minute):

Projects like this take a bit of planning and coordination but they are so worth it. Everyone brings something to the creative process, and it is fun to see how ideas form and are refined through the interaction within the team. Many thanks to Maria, Jennifer and Emelie for a really fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Maria, Emelie, Jennifer, Johannes

— Johannes

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