Queen of the Hill

Charlie Grieco happened to be in Cambridge on the last day before I flew back to Stockholm, so we decided to meet up on Castle Hill and do a few photos at sunset. It was windy and cold, but we managed to get some beautiful photos. Here are some of my favourites from the evening.

I snapped a few photos while waiting for Charlie to arrive. The sunset looked really beautiful which boded well.
Charlie striking a pose in front of the setting sun. She is lit by a flash from the right. Fun fact is that I spent more time photoshopping the background than I did on Charlie, there were so many distracting little things going on there.
One of my favourites, with the sun between Charlie’s hands.
Castle Hill has a nice view over Cambridge, so we were trying to include some of the famous landmarks in the photos.
Making new friends.
We got help from a friendly couple who were on Castle Hill and they helped with the flash in the first few photos. Once they left, we switched to natural light only.
It was cold up there, so in between shots she needed to warm up a bit. Love the smile here.
We walked down the hill to find some shelter from the wind, but we did not make it far down before we saw an opportunity for a nice silhouette photo and off went the warm coat again.
As it got darker we once more brought out the flash and returned to the top of the hill. We had the idea to place the flash in the white scarf that Charlie had brought to create a larger softer light source.
Down at the base of Castle Hill again, experimenting with the flash while sheltered from the wind.
This photo of Charlie looks almost like a fairy tale, walking through dark woods.

It was really fun to meet up with Charlie again. Curious to see what the next adventure will be.

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— Johannes

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