West Side Story

West Side Story has enthralled audiences worldwide since it opened on Broadway over 50 years ago. The timeless appeal of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is carried into 1950s New York City, as star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria begin their narrative against the background of the rivalry of their respective gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. This collaboration between three of musical theatre’s most iconic figures, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and Jerome Robbins, features some of the most well known musical numbers of all time, including ‘I Feel Pretty’ and ‘America’.

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We did a photoshoot for West Side Story in the alleys around the ADC Theatre.

Isaac Jordan and Megan Gilbert in a beautiful red dress.
Joe Beighton and Laura Makhoul embraced.
Ben Cisneros, Stanley Thomas and Freddie Raymond. The cool kids.
Isaac Jordan, Megan Gilbert and Tom Beaven. Face-off in the alley.
Tom Taplin, director of the musical.
Ben Cisneros
Ben Cisneros and Tom Beaven
Ben Cisneros, Matthew Lettis, Tom Beaven and Freddie Raymond. We staged this fight scene, and even found a piece of metal pipe to use as a prop.
Ben Cisneros, Matthew Lettis, Tom Beaven and Freddie Raymond
Laura Makhoul, Ellie Coote, Joe beighton, Ben Cisneros, Megan Gilbert, Ashleigh Weir, Tom Beaven, Matthew Lettis, Freddie Raymond and Tom Taplin
ADC Theatre as seen from across the street. By asking politely we managed to get access to the house opposite the ADC.
Laura Makhoul and Joe Beighton on the fire escape.
Joe Beighton and Laura Makhoul
Ashleigh Weir climbing the steps in a slightly unusual way.
Megan Gilbert and Laura Makhoul
Matthew Lettis, Freddie Raymond, Ben Cisneros and Tom Beaven on the fire escape.

Read Ellie’s thoughts in Varsity.

Tony – Joe Beighton
Maria – Laura Makhoul
Riff – Tom Beaven
Anita – Megan Gilbert
Action – Ben Cisneros
A-Rab – Stanley Thomas
Baby John – James Daly
Snowboy – Harry Normanton
Big Deal – Freddie Raymond
Diesel – William Martin
Bernardo – Isaac Jordan
Chino – Joe Spence
Pepe – Matt Lettis
Indio – Myles O’Gorman
Luis – Daniel Rasbash
Anxious – Calum Maney
Rosalia – Lucy Dickson
Consuela – Sophie Foote
Francisca – Ella Jenkinson
Anybodys – Ashleigh Weir
Graziella – Alice Carlill
Velma – Megan Thorpe
Minnie – Leona Hayhoe
Schrank / Gladhand – Henry Wilkinson
Krupke / Doc – Colin Rothwell
Pauline – Anastasia Raymond

Production Team
Director – Ellie Coote
Director/ Choreographer – Tom Taplin
Producer – Sam Nicholls
Assistant Choreographer – Maddie Wong
Musical Director – Alex Maynard
Assistant Musical Director – Ollie Pickard, John Tothill
Stage Manager – Eleanor Mitchell
Deputy Stage Manager – Wai-Wai Ng
Technical Director – Leah Ward
Technical Advisor – Jack Swanborough
Lighting Designer – Catja Hamilton
Chief Electrician – Kathryn Dodds
Sound Designer – Charlie Jonas
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Programme Designer – Lewis Scott
Trailer Cinematographer – Isabelle Brawn
Hair Stylist – Olivia Franks
Co-Head of Props – Cat Watts, Lian Wilkinson
Assistant Stage Manager – Alice Coppock, Krystle Edwards, Joyce Lee, Fiona Dobson, Grace Eapen
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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