Racing Demon get in

This weekend was the get in for Racing Demon, their first access to the stage. They were doing their tech rehearsal in the evening, so I took the chance to get a sneak peek of the play at Corpus Playroom. Things were still organised chaos when I arrived, but after some minor side-tracks, which I was partly responsible for (look for another blog post about that later) the rehearsal started. The stage is not in order, and about half the cast was in costumes, but I am pretty happy with the resulting photos.

Will Bishop, posing with the decor.
Amy Malone, reading up on her lines. I was sitting on the floor and decided to see if I could use the chair as a frame. I originally had this photo in an uncropped version, but then instagram forced me to crop it to a square, and I liked what it did to the photo. If you want to compare with the uncropped version, click here.
The cast of Equus had been up to 5am for their get out and afterparty. Bethan Davidson and Bea Svistunenko sharing a sofa.
I like to shoot from a low angle to get a dramatic backlighting.
This is a photo of the wallpaper, but it seems I managed to get the wall out of focus. Luckily there are a few rolls in the front that got sharp. Here Will Bishop and Ronit Wineman.
Ed Limb in the opening scene of the play.
Amy as Stella Marr. I like how soft the light is.
Silas Lee as The Rev Lionel Espy.
They were perfectly spaced in the background, this photo practically begged to be taken. By taking a few steps to the side everyone’s face became visible. I had to exclude a few people on either side when I was photographing as they did not fit in the frame.
Heather Fantham as The Rev Donna ‘Streaky’ Bacon. The spotlight on the wall gave a nice halo for her. The light was intended for the cross, but it had not yet been put up, which worked in my favour for this shot.
Bethan Davidson as a sleepy Heather Espy.
Amy by the door. The foyer was brighter, and when she opened the door this presented itself. She was a bit quicker than me, so I had to ask her to just take a step back to get this shot.
The tech rehearsal had lots of jumps and breaks in the play. Heather hugging her jacket is probably not part of the play, but made for a cute photo.
Abusing the spot lights, shooting from on stage to get this photo of Silas.
Another dramatic lighting shot. The set had blue and yellow spot lights rigged which complement each other well.
A split second moment. What did the director just tell Silas?
The Director.
Final scene of the play, Oli MacFarlane as The Rev Tony Ferris.
Another lineup shot, I like that the shadow fits in the gap between the actors.
“Peer-pressure, peer-pressure…” The theatre world is filled with internal jokes.
A few final touches to the light by Kathryn Dodds.
Oli is getting help from Bea in sorting out his clerical collar.

If you want to see more photos from Racing Demon, have a look at the poster photo shoot we did a few weeks back.



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