Snow ballet

I went out to photograph the snow this past weekend, but did not manage to get anything. The snow turned into rain as I reached the city centre. Tonight it started snowing again, and my plan had first been to have an early night, but then I changed my mind. I managed to convince Luciana Boon, who I met at the Evolution dance show, that this was a good idea, so we met up outside Clare College just before 10 pm. We ended up shooting for about an hour, and I was really glad that I had put on a few extra layers including a pair of rain trousers on top as I soon found myself lying on the ground in order to get the light right for the backlit shots.

Here are some of my favourite shots from tonight.

There was a strong lamp mounted just by the college entrance which must have been placed there just for occasions like this. Here we are playing with the shadow on the ground.
I brought two flashes with me, and put them in plastic bags so they would not get wet. Here I am using one to the right on the ground. The flash helps lift the shadows so you see more of Luciana.
Here we are using both flashes, one gelled orange to the left, and a white one to the right. I am shooting at f/1.4 and quite high ISO in order to get some light from the background also.
These backlit photos are my favourites. I like the combination of snow flakes and breath.
One more shot. To get the timing right I would go “1, 2, 3…” *click*

It got really cold, but I felt it was worth it. Big thanks to Luciana for joining me on this spontaneous late night photo shoot.

– Johannes

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