Reaching new heights

I managed to squeeze in one last photoshoot on the way to Gatwick Airport. Annie Magee met up with me in London, and we headed to St Pancras railway station to do some dance photos. There were a bit of people around, but by being patient we managed to get some photos with clean backgrounds. After that Annie suggested we head to the City of London, since it was usually pretty empty during weekends. So we took the underground to London Bridge. We did not quite make it to our intended destination, because the Shard looked so shiny. Instead we decided to go up on the viewing gallery of the Shard, and try and see if we could get some photos up there. The usher on ground level said it was not particularly busy on this day, and even gave us a discount. Photography was allowed up there, great! Up we went!

Annie Magee at St Pancras railway station. We had originally planned to be closer to the entrance, but a BBC crew was filming so we had to move.
Matching arches.
Annie Magee
Annie Magee on the observation deck of the Shard, some 69 floors up.
Annie Magee with a glass of Champagne.
St Paul’s Cathedral
Inspiring other visitors to join the fun.
Annie Magee
Annie Magee
Annie Magee
Annie Magee. The windows on the observation floor were not very big, so I had to resort to photoshop to remove some of the frames.

Annie found a staircase leading up to the 72 floor, which had more space in front of the windows, so I could step back and get a wider shot.

Annie Magee
Annie Magee
Annie Magee
Annie Magee
Annie Magee
Annie making new friends. This lady and her friend came up and mentioned that she used to be a dancer. After a bit of encouragement she joined our photoshoot.
Annie and her new friend
It was her birthday weekend, and we had a great time. Happily she decided to approach us and join in.
Annie, birthday lady and Pea Taylor.
When you enter the Shard they take a photo of you with a green screen, and when you leave they offer to sell it. I probably should have moved the hand luggage out of the way.

Many thanks to Annie for another fun photoshoot! To see more photos on the blog with Annie, click her name.

— Johannes

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