Twin Towers

It is great to be in Cambridge, but it is also quite interesting to escape the bubble and explore the rest of England. Through the English Heritage website and Google Maps we found Reculver Towers, which is located an hour’s drive north of Dover on the south eastern tip of England. The Romans led by Aulus Plautius occupied England in 43AD without any opposition. During the first and second century a community grew up around Reculver, and in the third century the Romans built a fort there. In 669 an Anglo-Saxon monastery was founded on the location and a church was later built, and expanded into what we can see today. All this sounded very exciting, Charlie Schoonman, Kate Hair and I decided to drive down there to do a location photoshoot.

After a two hour drive we did a quick wandering around the area, then had some food at a local cafeteria, to give us some energy before heading out to do our dance photoshoot. There were so many great spots to use, and we got lots of great photos of Charlie and Kate. Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.

Kate Hair inside one of the two Twin Towers at Reculver.
Charlie Schoonman in a dramatic back bend.
It was many years since Kate last did this move, but her muscle memory was intact.
Charlie nailed this jump on the first try. We did a few more tries but could not beat the initial perfection.
Taking a step back to try and capture the Reculver Towers in all their glory. In the middle you can see Charlie Schoonman.

We had checked the tide before-hand on the internet, and it was a very low tide so we headed down to the beach to get some photos there as well.

Kate Hair with the Reculver Towers in the background.
Kate Hair
Kate Hair balancing on the wet slippery wooden pillar.
Kate Hair
Charlie Schoonman
Twin Towers
Kate Hair
Kate Hair doing an arabesque in the water
Charlie Schoonman
Charlie Schoonman and Kate Hair

The sunset was quickly approaching, but we decided to gamble and see if we could make it to Dover’s White Cliffs which was about an hour’s drive away. As we drove the sky lit up beautifully with golden hour light, and our phones drew a last sigh and ran out of battery. After a few wrong turns we finally made it to Dover, but unfortunately the skies were covered with clouds — not the colourful sunset we had hoped for. We got a couple of last photos, and then headed into town to get a much needed late night sandwich before driving back to Cambridge.

Kate Hair

Many thanks to Charlie and Kate for a great little adventure! If you want to see more dance photos, check the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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