I met up with the cast of Reigen at Peterhouse for a quick little publicity photoshoot. Reigen is written by Arthur Schnitzler and updated and directed by Ada Günther.

A new translation of this ‘scandal play’ from 1903 unveils intimate conversations between people before and after they have sex. A prostitute meets a soldier on the street and they have sex on a bench. In the next scene, the soldier seduces a housemaid, and so on until in the final scene, a noble Count meets with the prostitute and everything goes full circle. 

(Text from Camdram)

Georgina Taylor and Ciaran Constable

“Just come a bit closer. I won’t bite.”

Alice Tyrrell and Ciaran Constable

“When will I see you again?”

Oliver Jones and Ciaran Constable
Georgina Taylor and Oliver Jones

“I worship you, Emma.”

Ciaran Constable and Alice Tyrrell

“Come on, stay, we might be dead by tomorrow!”

Georgina Taylor and Alice Tyrrell

“Oh god, men are terrible. I expect you do the same with everyone.”

For the last photo the writer and director Ada Günther stepped in front of the camera embraced by the hands of her cast.

Ada Gunther

Cast – Ciaran Constable, Georgina Taylor, Alice Tyrrell, Oliver Jones

Production Team
Writer, Director – Ada Gunther
Co-Producer – Eve Judah, Leah Wild
Assistant Producer – Arthur Tan
Assistant Director – Celine Clark
Associate Director – Rute Costa
Publicity Designer – Ciaran Walsh
Composer – Joanna Ward
Stage Manager – Amelia Parker
Dramaturg – Gabriel Humphreys
Costume Designer – Georgia Humphrey
Set Designer – Isabella Horspool
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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