Snow Queen

Water and talcum powder make a huge mess. Alicia Krozer and I tried to combine the two in a photoshoot, and here is what happened. We filled a bathtub with warm water, then added lots of talcum powder to Alicia’s face. Some of it fell down in the bathtub floating on the surface, eventually mixing. To light the scene we placed a flash on the floor aiming it at the roof to get indirect light. I overexposed the photos slightly to give them a more high key look and feel.

Alicia is slowly lowering herself into the water. Her hair – still dry – spreading out on the water surface.
Opening your eyes when your face is filled with talcum powder can be a painful experience.
We added some jewellery for a Cleopatra in milk bath feeling.
A detail shot of Alicia as she lowered herself further. Talcum water in the nose is not a good idea, so be careful if you try this.
Here we changed the white balance for a cooler feel.
Here we have removed the bathtub and selectively coloured the water in post processing.
A different angle. I went for a high key shot, to make Alicia’s eyes stand out more.
Cleopatra inspired. Peaceful.
We also had the idea to have a single black tear rolling down the white face, but the talcum powder rejected the black food colouring and it rolled down the cheek quickly without leaving a trace.
Including some hands for framing.
Here we added a texture in post processing to the photo.
It took a bit of rinsing to get all that talcum powder off.

It was fun but be prepared for a royal mess if you try this. Many thanks to Alicia Krozer for a fun morning!

— Johannes

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  1. February 12, 2016

    Som vanligt missar jag nästan alla av dina bilder, men när jag tar mig tid att titta på dem – wow. I det här fallet tycker jag framför allt den fjärde bilden är magisk. Jag har sagt det förut, men du blir bara bättre och bättre. Jag bugar mig.

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