Super photoshoot

Eli Keren has written a new play called Super which is next week’s ADC lateshow. Today I met up with them at Wolfson College to do a photoshoot. The play is about two group of super heroes, one evil and one good.

From Camdram:

The Justice League of North West and Central London, Potters Bar and Cuffley want to use their newfound superpowers to ‘fight crime and s**t’. The Siblinghood of Evil want to use theirs for ‘maximum personal gain, minimum collateral damage’. The problem is, they unknowingly book the same room for their meetings. Posing respectively as a karate class and an urban dance team, members of the two groups meet, socialise and even date, all the while unaware that once they put their masks on, they’re bitterest of enemies.

Here are the photos from the evening.

Rhiannon Shaw and Eli Keren.
Molly Frederikse and Abigail Smith. Abigail’s superpower is the ability to freeze things.
Rhiannon Shaw and Eli Keren.
Beth D
Jack Allum-Gruselle and Beth D
Beth D and Jack Allum-Gruselle
A normal super hero meeting.

Dream Weaver – Beth D
Nightlash – Chris Lovejoy
Celeritas – Abigail Smith
Oracle – Elinor Lipman
Molly – Molly Frederikse
Captain Evil – Danni White
Bloodbuzz – Jack Allum-Gruselle
The Bulletproof Wonder – Kate Marston
Blaze – Tom Stewart-Walvin

Production Team
Writer, Director – Eli Keren
Assistant Director – Rhiannon Shaw
Producer – Sebastian Constantine
Costume Designer – Kate Emden, Gwendolyn Davis
Stage Manager – Michael Brown
Poster Design – Gwendolyn Davis
Publicity – Gabriel Agranoff
Composer – Mae McAllister
Lighting Designer – Jamie Fenton
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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