The Good Soul of Szechuan

This morning I went to photograph The Good Soul of Szechuan of Bertolt Brecht. The show is directed by Jake Thompson and Edith Franklin, and produced by Katurah Morrish. We spent a bit over an hour staging different photos with the characters from the play. Here is a selection.

We started with an elevator shot. The ambient light was not that flattering so added a flash to the mix.
Ronald Prokeš as Yang Sun, dancing in a disco with a giant noose. Because why not?
Joe Spence (as Shen Te) and Ronald Prokeš. They had two giant spotlights providing the illumination. For this photo we just used one of them.
A moody shot of Ronald Prokeš
Joe Spence and his little furry friend. I first shot this in silhouette, but Joe wanted to show of his stunning makeup.
Zephyr Brüggen, playing the mother of Joe’s character.
Joe and Ronald, a mix of disco lights and spotlights.
Zephyr Brüggen, shine all light on me. It is my sons wedding but have a look at this.
Tara Kearney, grumpy.
Joe loves the camera, the bigger the better.
Zoe Barnes as the somewhat crazy Wang.
Because why stop when the glass is full when you can get water splattering…
Tara, Joe and a set of lava lamps. I asked them to move forward to get more shadows on their faces.
One more lava lamp shot, I like how the lamps light their silhouettes. They were acting out a scene, but I am not sure if they were sticking to the script or adlibing it. The shape of one of the lava lamps looks like a baby, which was what they were talking about.
Zephyr Brüggen, Zoé Barnes, Ronald Prokeš, Nathaniel Hess, Quintin Langley-Coleman, Tara Anne Kearney and Francesco Anselmetti.


Read more about the play in the Varsity review (4.5/5 stars).

Shen Te – Joe Spence
Mrs Shin – Tara Kearney
Mrs Yang – Zephyr Brüggen
Sound – Francesco Anselmetti
Yang Sun – Ronald Prokes
Wang – Zoe Barnes
First God/Mr Shufu – Quintin Langley-Coleman
Second God/Unemployed Man – Nathaniel Hess
Production Team
Director – Jake Thompson, Edith Franklin
Producer – Katurah Morrish
Publicity Designer – Tom Chisholm
Drag Consultant – Daniel Timoney
Crucifix Carpentry – Django
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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