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Johnny King has written a horror story that is being turned into a movie. I met up with parts of the cast for a promotion photoshoot on Wednesday. Johnny had booked The Judith E Wilson Studio at the Sidgwick site.

“Do you believe in the afterlife?”

A young woman dies suddenly and unexpectedly. Her friends plan a cleansing trip to the seaside. All is not what it seems, and the mechanics of death aren’t quite what they should be. Who is Hurtle T., how did Adrianne really die, and why are there ghosts everywhere?

Meet jeering Adrian, absent-minded Romania, foppish Birch, the self-proclaimed Ex-Ghost, and, at the centre of it all, Susanne herself and her tragic decline.

A comic and unsettlingly dark film heavy with theatrical ambiance, Susanne is a twisted foray into some of humanity’s deepest fears.


Hannah Sands. Here we moved the wooden board behind Hannah, so we would have a better figure to ground relationship.
Riss Obolensky, Rosa Tyler-Clark, Hannah Sands, Tim Atkin and Juliette Simon. For this shot we had one flash gelled with red.

After the group shot most of the cast had to leave, but a few brave souls stayed behind.

Tim Atkin. We added a board to the right to block of the light behind Tim, but unfortunately it was not tall enough, which resulted in this diagonal shadow line. However, it allowed for a nice diagonal that leads the eye to Tim’s face.
Juliette Simon and Tim Atkin. There are many ways to climb a ladder.
Juliette Simon and Tim Atkin. I like how the spotlight in the ceiling lights up Juliette’s face. I had to brighten Tim’s head a bit in post processing as he was in a lot of shadows.
Tim Atkin and Juliette Simon. Here we are experimenting with different compositions.
Tim Atkin and Juliette Simon’s shadow. The photo above lead to us playing more with ghostly shadows.
Juliette Simon. I have no idea where Johnny found the tires, maybe he even brought them along for the shoot, but I liked them!
Juliette Simon, Johnny King and Tim Atkin. There was a rug on the floor, and Tim wanted to take some nude shots (supposedly this movie has a lot of nudity?), as a compromise we suggested we could roll him up topless in the carpet.
Tim Atkin and Juliette Simon. Good props always make a photoshoot more fun!
Juliette Simon and Tim Atkin

Many thanks to the cast and crew of Susanne for a fun morning!

Susanne – Hannah Sands
Romania – Riss Obolensky
Adrian – Tim Atkin
Adrianne – Juliette Simon
Birch – Michael Tigchelaar
Ex-Ghost – Rosa Tyler-Clark
Actor #1 – Rebecca Vaa
Actor #2 – Reece Edmends
Actor #3 – Adam Butler-Rushton
Hurtle T. – Luke Bridges
Death – Ellen McGrath
Eve – Katurah Morrish
Interrogator – Ben Walsh
Ringmaster – Seth
Ringmaster’s Retinue – Isaac Jordan, Mini Smith, Toby Corry, Daniel Duffy
Leila the Shark – Charlie Clark
Violet – Zoe Barnes
Horse Sera – Sophie Lockey
Margaret Ice – Ceylon Hickman
Raphael – Matt Weinberger
Jeremiah “The Heron” Twike – Štefan Benčík
Mac Bumblebass – Stephen Goss
August L.C.B. Vermouth – Daniel Rasbash
Actor #4 – Amy Malone
Beatrice – Ashleigh Weir
Dead Spirit – Elliott Wright, Joe Spence, Isobel Laidler, Izzy Kent, Elinor Lipman
Audience Member – Madeleine Taylor-Laidler, Sophia Luu, Hannah Machover, Grace Carton, Onkar Singh, Levi Marelus, Ronit Wineman, Andrei Serov, Elena Truan, Hannah Sparkes, Isabel Husband, Carine Valarche
Bargoer – Emma Kemsley-Pein, Alfie Wright, Josh McClure
Homeless Man – Johnny King

Bass – Stephen Goss
Guitar – Daniel Duffy
Trumpet – Ian Gibson
Horn – Nathaniel Hess
Guitar – Josh McClure
Saxophone – Gregory Tate

Production Team
Producer – Russell Fancourt
Director, Writer – Johnny King
Assistant Director – Isaac Jordan
Assistant Producer – Kate Emden, Lucy Rodrick
Fight Choreographer – Jessie Slim
Publicity Designer – Sophia Bharmal
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Associate Producer – Raniyah Qureshi

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