Swans in Autumn

This past weekend I met up with Heidi Salminen and Julianne Cederstam who dance at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. The weather forecast had promised a sunny afternoon so we decided to photograph at Bergianska trädgården, which is beautifully situated by Brunnsviken. We did not get the clear blue skies we had hoped for, but we did get some great dance photos.

Just north of the Victoria house there is a terrace with a nice view. Heidi Salminen casually resting on the railing.
Heidi Salminen doing a backbend. There was this beautiful tree by the water front, so we headed down there to get a few photos. We always try to find poses that fit in with the surrounding.
Julianne Cederstam. I had arrived a bit early for our photoshoot and while wandering around found these alcoves cut into the rocks. The cloudy sky meant that we got a really soft light, and the rocks made for an interesting background.
Heidi and Julianne, behind the scenes. It helps to be two dancers when you want to reach those high hanging branches.
Julianne getting ready while Heidi runs out of the frame.
Julianne Cederstam hanging from the branch.
Heidi Salminen and Julianne Cederstam.
Heidi Salminen doing an arabesque and Flax observing. It is always fun to bring in dogs and other animals into the photos. Flax and his master were out for a walk, and happy to join us for a few minutes.
Truth be told, Flax was more interested in smelling the trees than doing ballet.
Heidi Salminen in the fifth position. A rock in the water makes for a great natural stage.
Julianne Cederstam
Heidi Salminen doing a sissonne. On the way to the train station we saw some trees that still had their yellow leaves.
Heidi Salminen. Autumn attitude.

It was quite cold, only about 2 °C, so we decided to head indoors for the last few photos. The Royal Institute of Technology was just one train stop away, and after some looking around we found a classroom without any students studying in it.

Julianne Cederstam.
Heidi Salminen doing a sissonne.
Julianne Cederstam doing an amazing jump.
Heidi Salminen and Julianne Cederstam. Behind the scenes.
Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen and Julianne Cederstam. We also decided to experiment a bit with just using the light from mobile phones. They are surprisingly bright if you turn up the light intensity to max.
Heidi Salminen and Julianne Cederstam.
Heidi Salminen and Julianne Cederstam. The last photo of the day.

Many thanks to Heidi and Julianne for a fun autumn photoshoot!

To see more dance photos, check the dance category on the blog.

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— Johannes

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