Winter Sunshine

Yesterday started really early for Sofia Navas, Lisa Scharp and me. The sunrise was not until 8:03, but usually the light starts getting interesting already an hour before sunrise, so we met up in Stockholm at six o’clock in the morning, to drive down to Nyn√§sviken for our winter pole dance photoshoot. Two days earlier there had been a beautiful snow cover over the landscape, but a short heatwave the day before had cleared that away. The great thing about this location, besides the beautiful vista, was that there was a sauna that Sofia and Lisa could use to warm up between the photo sessions.

The first photo of the day, Lisa Scharp on the frost covered pole by Nynäsviken.
Lisa Scharp. We realised when we got there that it was already brighter than we had expected. The view from the bridge was beautiful.
Sofia Navas. For this first series of dawn photos I experimented with both photographing with and without a flash. Without the flash the dancers were merely silhouettes against the sky, or if I exposed for them, the sky was blown out. The flash provided a good compromise.
Sofia Navas. Not only is the air cold, the pole quickly got really cold also.
Lisa Scharp. Yes, that is morning frost on the pole base plate.
Sofia Navas. The sun rose above the horizon and cleared the clouds, giving us a rich orange light.
Sofia Navas
Lisa Scharp chilling on the jetty.
Lisa Scharp
Sofia Navas
Sofia Navas

We took an early lunch break at 10:30, to heat up and refuel. When we returned out two hours later the sky was covered in clouds, so we decided to bring out the flash again to add a little extra punch. We also had a set of smoke grenades with us that we played with.

Sofia Navas
Lisa Scharp
Lisa Scharp

Here is a short behind the scenes video from our shoot:

Time really flies when you have fun, it was time to pack up and head back to Stockholm. A big thank you to Lisa and Sofia for a great winter pole dance photoshoot.

Check out our archipelago pole dance photoshoot back in August. More pole dance photos can be found here.

— Johannes

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