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This morning Hao Feng and Alys Williams joined me at Robinson College for a photo shoot. We met at the Evolution dance show, where they performed a beautiful narrative called Real Human Beings. Over the next few weeks we chatted a bit, and today we finally managed to coordinate a photo shoot.

It was fairly chilly outside, so I packed my flashes, in case we would photograph indoors. We started out photographing outdoors, but soon moved into the chapel which provided us with a large warm space that had plenty to offer. The flashes came in handy. It was a great way to spend the morning, and we managed to make some beautiful images. I have reordered them here, so that they (almost) tell a story. I leave it to you to fill in the blanks.

At the back of the chapel there is a walk with windows. I like the lines leading in to Alys, also note the reflection of her face in the window.
Art imitating art.
Using one of the flashes we created some shadow fun. Hao and Alys were great at making monsters. We also started making a composite photo with the shadow monsters attacking them, but then we got distracted by the spinning idea.
Alys had the idea of doing a foetal shot. We were experimenting with different locations, and I liked this top view the best.
A bit of hadouken photography.
Alys hanging on the cross.
The spinning photo sequence, we did this many many times. This one got a bit bolder editing, because I felt we had so many similar. In the end it became our favourite from that sequence.
Hao the hero. Backlit magic.

There will be more shoots with Hao and Alys, this was just too good not to do again. They are both amazingly talented!

– Johannes


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