The Well of The Saints

After photographing Endgame’s dress rehearsal I stayed in the Corpus Playroom for The Well of Saints. First time doing back to back dress rehearsals in the same space. From Camdram we can read:

The Well Of The Saints is a play in three acts by J.M. Synge. Drawing from sources as diverse as French Farce and Irish Folklore, Synge tells the story of two blind beggars, who have their sight restored, only to discover they might not like what they see. A rare opportunity to see a playwright performed who Samuel Beckett described as a ‘profound influence’.

Here are the photos.

Ellen McGrath and Henry Wilkinson as the blind couple who make a living by begging by the roadside.
Henry and Ellen. The late show had the same lighting as the main show, with small variations. Here I like the light falloff in the background that frame them nicely.
Harrison Mac Neill as Timmy the Smith.
Ellen, Henry and Harrison. Unfortunately all the parts of the stage was not properly lit, as here. Hopefully they are able to fix that before the premier.
A close up of Ellen’s makeup.
Tilly Fletcher as Molly Bryne, with Henry and Ellen.
Blind, yet happy, because they believe themselves to be the most beautiful creatures in the world. Or so they are told.
The saint arrives, with a cure for the blind. The side lighting spotlight allowed me to capture Gus’ shadow on the wall.
Martin believes the beautiful Molly is his wife, but her voice is not hers. He is a bit confused.
His approach is rejected.
Ellen’s character is also cured of her blindness, the two meet, and it does not go down well.
The Saint played by Gus Mitchell returns, script in hand.
Martin Doul now has to work, since he can see, and he does not like it.
Both the former blind people are taking it quite badly.
Martin makes another attempt at the pretty gild.
Her husband is not happy.
Back on the bark covered floor. They managed to put together the set on a shoe string budget.
Here I like the multiple shadows on the wall.

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Martin Doul – Henry Wilkinson
Mary Doul – Ellen McGrath
Timmy the Smith – Harrison MacNeill
Molly Byrne – Tilly Fletcher
The Saint – Gus Mitchell

Production Team
Associate Director – Sam Knights
Creative Director – Susanna Worth
Stagehand – Joe Horrocks-Taylor
Director – Jethro Baird
Lighting Designer – Ronit Wineman

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