Today I photographed two dress rehearsals in Corpus Playroom back to back. First out was Endgame, by Samuel Beckett, and directed by Sam Fulton. Declan Amphlett and Alice Carlill were old people without legs in dustbins, and as such they needed to be grey and powdery so I joined them in the dressing room for a pre-dress photo session.

Declan Amphlett gets his hair sorted by Jessie Mathewson. By placing an external flash behind Declan we can backlight the powder and make it really stand out.
Jessie Mathewson and Alice Carlill
You can have a lot of fun with talc.
Alice did not let Declan get away without getting powder blasted in his face also.
Tim Atkin and his guitar, providing a bit of loud entertainment.

From Camdram:

In the hilariously tragic confines of one small room in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, four people are waiting for the end to come. Hamm presides over all, blind and chair-bound, while his degenerating servant Clov tends to the pointless tasks that make up their routine and define their existence.Within two dustbins live the cripples Nagg and Nell, Hamm’s parents, completing one of the most bizarre quartets in theatre.

Bleak monotony, cutting wit, physical comedy and profound insights into human life merge together in this fantastic picture of the ending process. Tears and laughter are mutually dependent, a combination best summarised, as is the play itself, by Nell: ‘Nothing is funnier than unhappiness’. Probing the darkest depths of what it means to be human, Beckett’s Endgame is a comic exposition of all our hopes and fears in the face of death.

Alice Carlill wrapped up in plastic, very doll like.
Tim Atkin as Hamm.
Declan Amphlett as Nagg.
Alice Carlill, Declan Amphlett and a dry cookie.
The play has some interactive elements. Here are Seth, Tom Atkin and Sam Fulton.
Seth and Tom Atkin
Tom and Seth
Seth, Tom and some talc
The talc powder footprints looked great on the dark floor, and required a photo.
Tom and Seth
Seth and Tom
Seth, the egg clock and Tom
Declan, Seth and Tom
Seth and Tom

Reviews: Varsity (4/5 stars), The Cambridge Student (9/10), The Tab (4.5/5)

Hamm – Tim Atkin
Clov – Seth
Nagg – Declan Amphlett
Nell – Alice Carlill

Production Team
Director – Sam Fulton
Producer – Louisa Dales
Publicity Designer – Nicole Ng
Costume Designer – Jessie Mathewson
Light Designer – Sasha Amaya
Stage Manager – Lewis Scott
Cinematographer – Patrick Brooks
Set Designer – Nicole Ng
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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