Tokyo on pointe

At the end of October I had the opportunity to come to Tokyo for a workshop. Last time I was in Japan was in 2007 when I went to Okinawa for a three week summer course at OIST, which was an amazing experience, so I was excited to be going back to Japan again. I landed on Saturday, and dropped of my luggage at the hotel before meeting up with Rio Morisawa that I know from her year at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. Together we headed out for an evening of dance photography on the streets of Tokyo.

Rio Morisawa. We stopped at some random small streets on our way to the temples in Asakusa.
Rio Morisawa. A quick portrait, playing with light and shadow patterns.
Rio Morisawa. We were looking for patches of sunlight where the background was in darkness to make Rio stand out better against the background.
Rio Morisawa. Entering the temple grounds.
Rio Morisawa. I really like this red gown that made Rio stand out against the background.
Rio Morisawa. There were lots of curious onlookers and passer-bys.
Rio Morisawa
Rio Morisawa. We found this little street that had beautiful soft light.
Rio Morisawa
Rio Morisawa. The sun was getting lower and we started looking for street signs that would help illuminate our scene.
Rio Morisawa
Rio Morisawa
Rio Morisawa
Rio Morisawa

Only a few days after we met up for the dance photoshoot Rio flew over to France to start working at Ballet de l’OpĂ©ra National de Bordeaux. Talk about timing that we managed to meet up in Tokyo. A big thank you to Rio for showing me around Tokyo and for a fun ballet photoshoot, and best of luck in Bordeaux!

Instagram: Rio, Johannes

To see more ballet photos with Rio, click the link.

— Johannes

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