In the streets of Tokyo

I started and ended my visit in Japan with a dance photoshoot in Tokyo. On the last Sunday afternoon I met up with Jane Crow at the Nezu Shrine, where we did some ballet photos before heading out into the streets of Tokyo.

Jane Crow. The Nezu shrine has a lot of beautiful red gates that were donated by different people and organisations.
Jane Crow. We had an overcast sky, which gave a very soft light. The red gates were beautiful, but they were quite small, so we also tried photos beside the gates.
Jane Crow
Jane Crow. One of my favourite photos from this photoshoot.
Jane Crow
Jane Crow. We were heading out from the Shrine when we saw this bridge, and decided to do a couple more photos there.
Jane Crow. We waited a little while at this street for the car that was loading to disappear, so we would have a clear view.
Jane Crow. Grand jeté.
Jane Crow. How a ballerina crosses the street.
Jane Crow. Another of my favourite photos from this shoot, I really like the pose and the light.
Jane Crow
Jane Crow. The last set of photos we did in Akihabara where the streets were covered with neon lights.
Jane Crow

Many thanks to Jane for a fun dance photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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