Vårdans Balettakademien

Yesterday was the dress rehearsal får “Vårdans” with students from the modern/contemporary program at Balettakademien. It consisted of 14 pieces choreographed by the different students. Here is a glimpse from their show. More information is at the bottom of the blog post.

Meike Münch, Oliwer Nilsson, Vanessa Butler Olsson, Amanda Appelblom, Timmy Sporrong
Clara Edström, Tuva Trum
Oliwer Nilsson, Elvira Hall
Olivia Feldt, Oliwer Nilsson, Elvira Hall
Tuva Trum, Janelle Holland, Vanessa Butler Olsson, Agnes Herré
Olivia Feldt
Elvira Hall, Janelle Holland, Clara Edström, Meike Münch, Teodor Wickenbergh
Timmy Sporrong, Ellen Väisänen
Timmy Sporrong, Ellen Väisänen
Timmy Sporrong
Clara Edström, Amanda Appelblom, Janelle Holland, Agnes Herré
Clara Edström, Janelle Holland
Clara Edström, Amanda Appelblom, Agnes Herré, Janelle Holland
Oliwer Nilsson, Elin Johansson, Teodor Wickenbergh
Elin Johansson, Oliwer Nilsson, Teodor Wickenbergh
Timmy Sporrong
Ellen Väisänen, Janelle Holland
Janelle Holland, Ellen Väisänen
Clara Edström, Janelle Holland, Ellen Väisänen, Elvira Hall
Janelle Holland, Clara Edström, Elvira Hall
Oliwer Nilsson, Ellen Väisänen, Janelle Holland, Tuva Trum
Oliwer Nilsson, Tuva Trum, Janelle Holland, Ellen Väisänen

Sockersött är livet? 
Koreograf Elvira Hall
Dansare Amanda Appelblom, Meike Münch, Oliwer Nilsson, Timmy Sporrong,
Vanessa Butler Olsson
Musik Sukkersøtt Gjermund Larsen Trio 

Koreograf Janelle Holland
Dansare Clara Edström, Tuva Trum
Musik Shimmers – Mikael Karlsson 

pray you catch me 
Koreograf Ellen Väisänen
Dansare Agnes Herré, Janelle Holland, Timmy Sporrong
Musik Pray You Catch Me – Beyoncé 

Freuet euch! 
Koreograf Meike Münch
Dansare Elvira Hall, Oliwer Nilsson, Olivia Feldt
Musik Dream a little dream of me – The Mamas & The Papas/Life is a highway – Rascal Flatts/I Love To Boogie – T. Rex/So far – HaBanot Nechama/un barque sur l’océan from Miroirs – Maurice Lavel, Andre Laplante 

Eldflugans dans 
Koreograf Clara Edström
Dansare Agnes Herré, Janelle Holland, Tuva Trum, Vanessa Butler Olsson
Musik Knee-Deep in the North Sea – Portico Quartet 

Koreograf Vanessa Butler Olsson
Dansare Elin Johansson, Olivia Feldt
Musik Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath 

kan vi snälla bara flyga 
Koreograf Oliwer Nilsson
Dansare Agnes Herré, Clara Edström, Elvira Hall, Janelle Holland, Leia Snive, Meike Münch, Teodor Wickenbergh, Vanessa Butler Olsson
Musik Drumming: Part II – Steve Reich,
Kuniko, Like It Is-Mixed – Coeo 

We Insist 
Koreograf Timmy Sporrong
Dansare Ellen Väisänen, Timmy Sporrong
Musik We Insist – Zoë Keating, Zoe Clare Keating 

Koreograf Tuva Trum
Dansare Agnes Herré, Amanda Appelblom, Clara Edström, Janelle Holland
Musik Forever – Labrinth 

Koreograf Leia Snive
Dansare Elin Johansson, Oliwer Nilsson,
Teodor Wickenbergh
Musik Heads Will Roll-A-Trak Remix – Yeah Yeah Yeahs, A-Trak 

Road to Hell 
Koreograf Teodor Wickenbergh
Dansare Agnes Herré, Amanda Appelblom,
Clara Edström, Elin Johansson, Ellen Väisänen, Janelle Holland, Olivia Feldt
Musik Road To Hell – Hadestown Original Broadway Company 

hey kids 
Koreograf Elin Johansson
Dansare Olivia Feldt, Teodor Wickenbergh, Timmy Sporrong,Tuva Trum
Musik Hey Kids – Molina, Late Verlane 

Ghost town 
Koreograf Amanda Appelblom
Dansare Clara Edström, Ellen Väisänen, Elvira Hall, Janelle Holland
Musik GHOST TOWN – Benson Boone 

Phantom regret 
Koreograf Olivia Feldt
Dansare Agnes Herré, Elin Johansson, Meike Münch, Vanessa Butler Olsson
Musik Phantom Regret by Jim – The Weeknd 

Business Casual
Koreograf Agnes Herré
Dansare Ellen Väisänen, Janelle Holland, Oliwer Nilsson, Tuva Trum
Musik The Chapel – Ishmael Ensemble 

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