Ethereal Balettakademien

Balettakademien had two dress rehearsals back to back, right after Vårdans was the dress rehearsal for Ethereal with dancers from the Jazz/Commercial program.

Sara Stojanovic, Adrian Omberg, Ida Modin, Emily Wegeberg, Tilda Ahlsteiner, Elin Huusmann, Lovisa Karnell, Lydia Fall, Alva Chramer Hillilä
Alva Chramer Hillilä, Sanna Oksanen
Elin Huusmann
Hilma Olofsson, Ida Modin, Lisa Dougly
Cajsa Ohlsson, Hedda Bergman
Sara Stojanovic, Alva Chramer Hillilä, Lydia Fall, Adrian Omberg, Emmy Norman, Lisa Dougly, Isabell Kjellberg, Sanna Oksanen
Tilda Ahlsteiner, Elin Huusmann
Emmy Norman, Adrian Omberg
Tilda Ahlsteiner, Alva Chramer Hillilä, Emmy Norman, Hedda Bergman, Sanna Oksanen
Lydia Fall
Sara Stojanovic, Sandra Simon, Alma Norén
Elin Huusmann, Isabell Kjellberg, Sanna Oksanen
Sara Stojanovic
Lydia Fall
Sara Stojanovic
Sara Stojanovic, Ida Modin, Sandra Simon, Emmy Norman, Hedda Bergman, Alma Norén, Lisa Dougly
Nelly Andersson Björling, Ida Modin, Emmy Norman, Hedda Bergman, Adrian Omberg
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